Link - Il Drago Bianco
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Avvengono incontri importanti che possono modificare i nostri percorsi. Le nostre decisioni si sviluppano grazie ai buoni maestri e agli ottimi suggeritori a cui diamo ascolto.

They happen important meetings that can modify our routes. Our decisions are developed thanks to the good teachers and the excellent advisors to whom we listen. The aerial acrobatics and the voice of dreams The friend who believed in the Drago Bianco An excellent student The first great masters The fraternal friend Suisse Macorain The tiring formation in the contemporary circus The art in Paris that hosted the work of the Drago Bianco A friend who believes in Drago Bianco Information in the world of Italian juggling An artist who follows the direction of the Drago Bianco The interest of the Drago Bianco from Mexico Exellent organizer